Health Benefits of Camping

One of the most overlooked facets of camping are the health benefits that accompany the activity. And while staying healthy is typically not the primary motivator for taking a camping trip, it is certainly an added bonus. If you are considering taking a trip, whether in a tent or RV, here are some of the health benefits that come along with camping.

Fresh, Clean Air

It is no secret that the air in large cities is often chocked full of unhealthy pollutants and smog. By escaping the city life and heading out into the wilderness, you will eliminate any concerns over air quality. As soon as you exit your vehicle and step out into the clean, crisp air, you will instantly notice the difference in air quality. There is no doubt that a few days spent away from the smog of the city will help relieve your lungs. 

Natural Light

One of the best ways to get your mind into a better state is by being exposed to natural light. All too often we find ourselves spending hours per day stuck in the office, while being exposed to artificial light, and this does not bode well for the body. By getting out in the natural light, your brain will produce more serotonin – a natural chemical that increases mood and activity levels. 


There are many activities that you can do while camping which can significantly increase your health, such as hiking and backpacking. By taking part in activities such as these you will be able to experience nature, while at the same time burning calories and giving your muscles a workout. In addition, many campgrounds will have fun activities set up for the kids, like scavenger hunts and other games, and this helps increase activity levels.

Healthier Foods

Going camping does not necessarily mean that you will be eating healthier, but it does tend to bring about healthier eating habits. After all, when you are out camping, you will not have easy access to fast-food restaurants, nor the ability to cook up greasy foods, and this can help eliminate unhealthy eating. In fact, some of the best foods for camping are items such as granola bars and fruits, and these are great for the heart and body.


The relaxing feeling that comes along with camping can work wonders for your health. This stress relief is not unlike that of any other vacation, where you can forget about work for a time being while hanging out with family and friends. But when you are in the tranquility of the wilderness the relief from stress seems to be amplified. 

Go Camping…Stay Healthy

There are a variety of benefits that come along with camping, and one of the foremost is the improvement it can cause in one's health. When you are in the natural wilderness, you will instantly notice the effect that the cleanliness of the air has on your body and mind.

In addition, the activities associated with camping, such as hiking and scavenger hunts, are great ways to get in added exercise. Furthermore, there is an inherent level of relaxation that comes along with camping and this can work wonders in stress reduction. If you are considering a camping trip, keep in mind these health benefits of camping.